Friday, January 29, 2016

Sia's 'This is Acting' is now available

The last album released by Australian singer Sia called '1000 Forms of Fear' was #1 on Billboard charts and earned her 4 Grammy Nominations. In her career, she has worked with countless top musicians and has written numerous hit songs. Her new album 'This Is Acting' contains only songs that she wrote for other artists. The album is a spellbinding mix of emotions that Sia sings masterfully.

“a fascinating study in what it’s like to live life imagining yourself in someone else’s artistic shoes…if this is acting, it’s the kind of performance that hits as hard as life itself.” - Rolling Stone

“Sia's unbashed aim is uplift, and her feel for sing-along-until-your-neighbor-bangs-on-the-radiator hooks rarely falters."- Entertainment Weekly

“Sia’s most prized songs aren’t just exercises in craftsmanship; they find some emotional truth."  - NY Times

“Sia’s pop anthems will have the other artist she originally wrote them for…kicking themselves for letting them get away. It swings from the marching ‘Reaper’ to the flying ‘Unstoppable,’ in which she preens, ‘I'll win every single game.’ Exactly.” – Us Weekly

“She conveys liberty, stamina, agony, yearning, and album filled with riveting pomp and circumstance." - Consequence of Sound

"Sia isn’t so much a recording artist, she’s a recording art movement….By day, she is a guiding force for more extroverted major-label superstars; by night she’s defying their existence by singing the same songs in a way the commercial landscape never realized it was ready for."- Spin 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Music from Ray LaMontagne

The last record by Grammy winning folk artist Ray LaMontagne was 'Supernova' in 2014. It reached #1 on rock music charts and #2 on album charts spanning all genres only 12 hours after it was released. The album received praise from The Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone. Mr. LaMontagne is coming out with a new album this year entitled "Ouroboros". He has just shared the lead song entitled "Hey, No Pressure". According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the artist says the song is about "watching someone dear to him buckle under the weight of their responsibilities." The artist wrote in his song "anything you want your life to mean, it can mean". NPR states that the tune is "a new song and a new sound" for this musician. says the track is "electrifying".  Music from Ray LaMontagne, including the brand new "Hey, No Pressure" is available on the Freegal site.